Prakriti Villa is located inside a gated community in Bengaluru. 

PS: Since this is a private residence and a security system, much private information shall not be made publicly available as it would defeat the purpose of its installation.

Equipped with about half a dozen cameras, including PTZ cameras, this was an upgrade to an existing CCTV installation. The previous installation lacked the higher resolution video output, as it was only SD capable setup. The upgrade was made for a full-HD (1080p) capable system and the DVR was specifically chosen for integrating various Digital Inputs from other systems such as Smart Electric Fencing, Video Door-Phone, Intruder Alarm, Fire/LPG Leakage Alarm, etc.

Except for the PTZ cameras from the previous installation, everything was replaced, including the cables, conduits, terminal boxes, and a dedicated Security Rack with an onboard power bank for UPS. The picture above was of the actual site, taken during installation.