Securing Assets & Protecting Lives, with the Latest in Technology! 

We at Suraksha tantragna™, take pride to address your safety, security & automation needs with genuine care!

We provide bespoke consulting services to our clients, to cover their Safety, Security & Smart-automation needs.

Our expertise lies in the intelligent & electronic systems arena, where our engineers have immense sound knowledge of these systems and standards of the industry. Our priority lies in providing the best possible solution, at very competitive pricing without any compromise on the quality of service.

Safety Systems

  • Fire / Smoke Detection and Alarm systems
  • VESDA systems
  • Centrally Aspirated Smoke Detection and Alarm systems
  • Integration with HVAC systems for prevention against spreading
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Integration with Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler systems
  • Tracking & Monitoring systems for Kids, Pets, Personal, and Vehicles.
  • Training & Seminars

Security Systems

  • Access Control & Intrusion Detection systems
  • Bio-metric Time and Attendance systems
  • Break-in & Burglary Sensing systems
  • CCTV: Camera, Recorders & Optical Motion Detection systems
  • Training & Seminars

Surveillance Systems

  • Community monitoring services with trained 24/7 staffing for apartments, gated communities, hotels, offices, hosted events, and even individual homes - both on-site & remote monitoring, with active assistance.
  • Integration of intelligent building automation systems, adds up benefits of remote monitoring, control, and programmable systems, like HVAC, Lighting, Generators, Pumps, etc., to efficiently manage the energy and helps in periodic maintenance.
  • Tracking & Monitoring systems for Kids, Pets, and Personal Vehicles.
  • Benefits of Centralised Surveillance systems
  • Reduction in costs due to sharing of skilled manpower
  • Round-the-clock dedicated facility resources to take/notify the issue in real-time.
  • Training & Seminars
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